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Noida to become an International City – Running on Trams

In mid-19th century, European cities saw the advent of tramways for ease of intra-city travel. Rail transport that uses dedicated tracks on public urban streets, trams are known by many other names across the world — tramcar, streetcar, trolley or trolley car.

In Delhi, tram system started in 1908 and was in operation until about 1963. Today, Noida will recreate the history and will soon have its first tram route, likely to be built from Sector 143 to Sector 137, parallel to the Greater Noida Expressway.

Noida Authority Chairman and CEO Rama Raman said, “Trams are the need of the hour.”

The benefits of Trams are many:
• Eco-friendly
• Cost-effective
• They can be developed within a short span of time.


Source: TOI
Image Credit: TOI



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