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Noida’s 40 Year of Journey

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, Noida as we all know it, celebrates its 40th foundation day today. Noida came into administrative existence on 17th April 1976 and celebrates 17 April as “Noida Day”. The most important fact about Noida is, that it has the highest per capita income in the whole National Capital Region.

Isn’t that amazing!! To top this, Noida has been ranked the Best City in Uttar Pradesh and Best City in Housing in whole India in awards conducted by ABP news in 2015 Best City Awards.

Noida-The Gold Mine

Leaders and officials treat Noida as a gold mine because out of the state’s seven industrial authorities Noida is the richest city in Uttar Pradesh. Reasons for calling Noida a “gold mine” are many, but to state a few developments that make the city a gold mine are below:

Noida’s 40 Year of Journey 1

How Investing in Noida would multiply your Wealth?

A perpetual question that a potential investor asks is, “Where do I invest?” The answer to this is, “investing in NOIDA”, an investment haven in Delhi NCR.

Noida’s 40 Year of Journey 2

Metro in Noida – Building Happy Future

With the newly formed Noida Metro Rail Company (NMRC) initiating Metro projects, public transport issues in Noida would soon be past tense!

Noida’s 40 Year of Journey 3

Metro Innovations!

The biggest Metro development in Noida is the direct connectivity of the Noida City Center Metro station to the Wave City Center’s MetroMart. This is an innovation that will be first-of-its-kind! First multi-level Metro car parking facility at MetroMart will be directly connected to the Metro station via a covered skywalk.

Now, no long walks to reach your car in the parking! Just take these 5 simple steps:

Noida’s 40 Year of Journey 4

The other initiative, first in India is, “naming Metro stations”. “Emirates Stadium in London” & “The Barclays Center in New York” are two examples of branding infrastructure. And this is what the DMRC & Wave Infratech has brought to India. The ‘naming rights auction’ by DMRC, has put the Metro rail network on the global pedestal.

Noida’s 40 Year of Journey 5

With many more developments to come, Noida is here to create a history!



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