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5 points that make Noida a favorite investment destination

The infrastructure facilities in Noida like roads, sewerage, power and water supply are far better than those in most new cities and urban agglomerations that have come up in the country. This is the reason it scores over other cities to become a favorite investment destination with world class infrastructure. The existing infrastructure facilities cater …

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Noida is on its way to become the next IT hub

Noida has recently become a hub for IT companies. As the city is blessed with favorable atmosphere for industrial growth, Noida has attracted many industrial giants and IT software companies to establish a permanent base here in the last few years. According to Assocham, Noida, along with Greater Noida, generated a total of 87% jobs …

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Work, play and live – get all the facilities in the heart of Noida

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your office, house and recreational facilities in your neighborhood? In real estate circles, this is known as mixed used developments. With travelling time and lifestyle facilities gaining prime importance for new projects, this concept is being propagated as good choice for efficient urban planning. Taking into consideration the …

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Noida to become India’s first city for smart living

What makes a smart city? At present, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is busy in discussing guidelines for smart cities to qualify a city to be called ‘smart’. Ideally, a smart city must have any three of the five requirements related to infrastructure: • Water management • Energy management • Waste management …

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