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3 things the Union Budget is telling investors about India

The new government’s plan for a prosperous India has been communicated well in the Union Budget announcement where measures for the growth of the country with a sound economy were portrayed. The key takeaways for investors from the Union Budget 2014 were: Change – Relaxing the pressure for banks on regulatory mechanisms like CRR, SLR etc; …

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Why Real Estate Investment Trusts will benefit both small and big investors

While everyone has been eagerly anticipating the new government’s Union Budget, the new incentives announced were highly welcomed, especially the one related to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Though the proposed incentives for REITs would allow developers to raise capital by selling completed projects as a trust, it would reduce pressure on the banking system …

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Real Estate outperforms all other asset classes over 20 years

Over the last two decades, investments made in real estate and the equity market have given the highest returns of up to 20% to investors in the country. Recent study by Cians Analytics shows that amongst various asset classes, which includes equities (Sensex), commodities (gold), bank fixed deposits (1-3 yr maturities), government securities (10 yr …

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