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Paints for kid’s room

Want to change your kid’s room? Here are few cost effective tips for the same.

  • Add more personality to their room. One of the uncomplicated things you could do is to decorate their room with words. This is a very simple method to change the look of your children’s room.
  • Bring out the artist in your child. Buy some ready-made stencils of alphabets and etch some cute quotes and nursery rhymes on the walls of your child’s room.
  • For all of you who have daughters. Paint a few large-sized flowers on the wall.
  • You can also add a few stripes in different colours to the four walls of your children’s bedroom. For instance, if the walls of your children’s room is coloured in a pale blue, you can add stripes of cobalt blue, butter yellow and light sage green, which will make the room look and feel more cheerful.
  • The beguiling purple hue encourages creativity.
  • Blue hue gives the room a relaxing vibe.

If you own spacious home, then you can paint your kids wall as you like. Wave Estate in Mohali offers you such spacious homes, where you and your child can paint their room creatively.



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