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Real Estate Jargons on your Fingertips: Alternative User Value / Anchor Tenant / Annuity

When you are looking for an ideal home to live and you go to a real estate agent or a broker or even a builder, they might use jargons which you might not know.

But we give you a solution!!

Read this space every Tuesday & Wednesday for Real Estate Jargons.

Alternative User Value

The value of a land or a building, which reflects a prospective use, different from that of the current use.

Anchor Tenant

  • One or more department or variety chain stores, or supermarkets, introduced into a shopping centre in key positions to attract the shopping public into the centre for the purpose of encouraging other retailers to lease shops en route.
  • The larger the developments the more anchors required.


A sum of money paid each year during the life of the recipient. An annuity is usually paid as a legal obligation under a contract or undertaking, as through a pension scheme, and may be paid in instalments more frequently than once every twelve months.

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