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Real Estate Jargons on your Fingertips: Vaastu Shastra

When you are looking for an ideal home to live and you go to a real estate agent or a broker or even a builder, they might use jargons which you might not know.

But we give you a solution!!

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Vaastu Shastra

  • It is an ancient science, according to which one’s home or work place is built.
  • Vaastu compliance allows for a perfect energy balance and brings healthy and peaceful life.
  • It is all about positioning, offering greater positive ambiance for the residents of the house or commercial establishment.
  • Vaastu world comprises five basic elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space.
  • Vaastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces / energies of the cosmos.
  • The guideline for a vaastu compliant home also includes directional synchronization with the earth’s magnetic fields and vibrations.
  • According to vaastu, if a house is spacious, clutter free and one which faces wide open spaces would bring in positive energy and light into the household.


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