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Real Estate outperforms all other asset classes over 20 years

  1. Over the last two decades, investments made in real estate and the equity market have given the highest returns of up to 20% to investors in the country.
  2. Recent study by Cians Analytics shows that amongst various asset classes, which includes equities (Sensex), commodities (gold), bank fixed deposits (1-3 yr maturities), government securities (10 yr maturity) and real estate in the country during the time period 1991-2013, real estate and equity have given the highest returns.
  3. Looking at the overall returns, as per the study real estate has outperformed all other asset classes during the 23-year period with an annualised rate of 20 per cent.
  4. Over the 5 year sub-periods in the study, Real estate was repeatedly the best performer since 1991, with the highest return being 670 per cent during 2008–12 sub-period.

Source Financial Express

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