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Retail Therapy – Does it Work?

You must have heard your friends saying “I need retail therapy”. So does it work? A study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing revealed that shopping can improve a sour mood. The study also said that retail therapy purchases were overwhelmingly beneficial, leading to mood boosts and no regrets or guilt.

Here are few benefits of shopping:

Easing Transitions: Shopping can be a great source of mental preparation. When you visualise how you would be using a product, you are visualizing their new life.

Dressing for Success: When you dress appropriately it not only increases your confidence, but may even help you perform better.

The Pleasure Boost of Creativity and Aesthetics: Shopping can be a great creative inspiration.

Relaxation and Escape: When people think of the benefits of “retail therapy,” concepts like escape, entertainment and rejuvenation are usually at the top of the list. In my most recent consumer interviews, online shopping is increasingly mentioned as a type of mini mental vacation.

Keeping in mind how much retail can help an individual, Wave One, Sector 18, Noida is coming up with The Ultimate Retail Revolution. Wave One is all set to be a stable landmark that redefines retail experience and offers an enviable selection of retail outlets from all walks of life. It is a shopping extravaganza that brings together the luxury of a mall and the European experience of a high street. A shaded walkway along its perimeter, beautiful landscapes and comfortable seating, Wave One is the one destination that will make people come back for more.

  • Prime plot of approximately 16900 sq. m
  • 4-side open
  • 5.9 m height for retail on the ground floor
  • 20 m long sidewalk
  • High street retail shops
  • Integrated entertainment-food-shopping
  • Shoppers’ promenade



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