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Royal Living – Luxury in Real Estate

High-class lifestyle, sophistication and exclusivity are few features of luxury living. Owning a luxury home would be like living a royal life for its owner. The changing real estate trend is witnessing the high demand for luxury homes. The Indian luxury market is currently undergoing rapid changes. Luxury is no longer restricted to the rich & famous alone, consumers who do not typically fit into the “boardroom” definition of luxury consumers are taking claims to luxury products.

Owing a luxury home has become more like realizing one’s ambitions & dreams rather than just being an external recognition or a status symbol. In Delhi NCR, Noida is one of the hubs for luxury projects Luxury residences can further be bifurcated into:

  • The luxury projects are designed with world class features that are unparalleled in both price and style.
  • Luxury homes are being offered as apartments, penthouses, sub-urban villas and bungalows, and are often close to a golf course or expansive greens.
  • Prime location, large unit sizes, relatively larger green space, hi-end furnishings, private pool, Jacuzzi, etc. are the major essentials in a luxury offering.
  • Luxury also includes intelligent living spaces developed with latest gadgets and technology including – digital locks, electronic surveillance systems, etc.
  • Largely luxury projects are developed by renowned architects & have top brand associations.

Future outlook remains fairly profitable for the luxury segment in the coming years.

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