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Singapore smart city features in Wave City Center

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh recently visited Singapore to discuss the development of the new capital city of the state. Back in July this year, too, Singapore said that it would be helping India build smart cities. Following are the features that are present in Singapore and these are what prospective Indian smart cities are aiming for:
•    It is a city that is mix of urban town planning, mix-layer sewerage pipes with sensors to detect damage, integrated transport to charge less from commuters, increased focus on bicycling to reach metro stations rather than taking cars.
•    The traffic lights are automated and can decide its stopping and seconds as per traffic load.
•    For easy traffic flow monitoring, Singapore has introduced over 600 junction eyes to monitor its traffic a pavement and there is also parking guiding scheme in place to ensure vehicles do not clog at parking places where there are not enough spaces.
•    The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has also started a scheme that will give alert to commuters on crowd levels on specific routes on their mobile phones and alert on accidents and traffic congestion to car drivers.
With India expected to face bigger problems related to increasing population, these feature are more relevant here. Projects like Wave City Center are already in the process of incorporating these smart city features. Located in the heart of Noida in Sector 32 A and 25, the project is the first smart township in India.

Source: The Indian Express



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