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Smart City: A Better Life: A Smarter Life

We have been hearing so much about “Smart Cities” in the recent times. So what is a Smart City? When a city is developed by using information & communication technology (ICT) to enhance livability, workability & sustainability, that city is termed as a “Smart City”.

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In a smart city every facility or feature is interconnected. Networked infrastructure is utilized to enhance economic and political efficiency and in turn enable social, cultural and urban development. Smart city is a city where information technology is the principal infrastructure and the basis for providing essential services to residents.

In India Mr. Modi’s initiative for developing “100 Smart Cities” is commendable. Wave Group had the vision of a “Smart City”, a decade ago & that is when they initiated “Wave City Center”. This project will have every conceivable SMART amenity at hand. Life here will be convenient, connected and secured.

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Wave City Center is India’s 1st Smart City located in Sector 25A & 32, Noida, the heart of Delhi NCR. Here the WORLD IS WITHIN…



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