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Smart City: Banking on Technology

What is a smart city? It is a city that uses information and communication technology to provide public services more efficiently. Amar Sinha, executive director, Wave Infratech says “A smart city runs on technology-be it electricity, water, sanitation, waste recycling or transport. The aim is to use data to provide effective solutions to residents.”

Internationally, many cities have used technology for efficient use of resources. Barcelona is a case in point. The city’s 2012 master plan includes projects such as remote control of street lighting and fountains and a programme that includes remote watering of the city’s green spaces. The UAE is building a city, Masdar City, in Abu Dhabi, which will be a carbon-neutral and zero-waste city.

What to Expect out of the new projects 1What’s in it for investors?

Wave Infratech is building a 4,500-acre smart city on NH-24, the newest suburb of Delhi, which will be managed by a central command centre. For long-term investors, smart cities can be a good option.

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