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Smart Features that will make your life easy @ Wave City

Wave City residents would get access to smart features like:

1. Central command centre is a single window that professionally manages security, services and maintenance for each building. For Wave City residents, Help is just a call away.

Command Centre

2. Complete fiber-optic network will help you to connect with your loved ones and the world with the help of uninterrupted and faster broadband channel.


3. GPS enabled buses on BRT corridor sends you SMSs on time of arrival.


4. Intelligent traffic management knows which road to take as intelligent traffic lights not only manage traffic within city, but also update you on traffic to your destination and guide you to a faster exit.

intelligent traffic lights

5. Connected community from utility billing to latest activities, events and promotions at an intra-community portal. Now access all the updates of your city on citizen portal.

Connected Community

6. Water management in Wave City has sensor enabled systems; water PH levels are measured ensuring you get pure water. Apart from this, these sensors would also detect the underground water pipe leakage and notify the same to the Central Command Center.

Water Conservation

7. Automated Street Lights with ambient light detectors know when to turn on and off basis the visibility and ambient light during different weather conditions like dense fog, storms, etc.

Automated street lights

8. Weather stations in Wave City will help providing the information on air quality, temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction and rainfall.

Weather Station

9. Guard identification or touring systems security guard’s movements in the city would be monitored through the RF based tag system. Now their movements can be tracked by the Central Command Center through this system.

10. Wave City will have portable STP’s (Sewerage Treatment Plants). These moveable plants will treat the sewerage water to be used for the gardening purpose.

Waste Water Treatment
11. Wave City will have digital signages installed at various points. These digital signage’s would be managed through the Central Command Center and provide the information on weather status, traffic updates.

Digital signage

12. Substation Automation (Electrical SCADA System) – Wave City will have 11KVA substation ready and commissioned. This will be managed through the Central Command Center. This substation will ensure uninterrupted power supply from the substation to the Wave City homes. Even in case of power failure, this unmanned substation will provide power supply through DG sets.

Substation Automation

13. CCTV cameras have been installed in Wave City and live feed is captured, analysed and managed through the Central Command Center.

CCTV Sketch

14. Wave City has smart meters installed in each home. These meters will provide you real time energy consumption details (like for gas, water, electricity) along with trend analysis of the past few months.

smart meters




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