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Smart Public Safety: Smarter City: Smarter Planet

Public safety is a key factor in determining which city to choose for living. Public officials are turning to the same technology advances that businesses have been using — autonomic sense-and-respond capabilities, analytics, visualization and computational modelling–to make our public safety systems smarter.

A fine example of effective public safety system is City of Madrid where IBM developed an innovative new response center that coordinates the resources and efforts of the police, fire, highway, hotline and ambulance units, among others. The 90-foot wall of screens displays traffic video from surveillance cameras, maps with GPS data, and the status and location of personnel. Today, the Centre coordinates a fast, integrated response from the right team to a wide variety of emergencies.

A similar system is being developed in Wave City in NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi. Based on the IBM-enabled concept of smart city, the city has a Central Command Center (CCC) that virtually manages the entire city. Here how it would work, ensuring public safety:

Smart Public Safety2

Residents of Wave City don’t have to worry about their loved ones while at work:

Smart Public Safety1
Source: IBM



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