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Smart Series – Good news for car drivers! GPS device saves you from getting stuck in traffic

Smart Series FinalSome years ago IBM announced its collaboration with the California Department of Transportation and the California Center for Innovative Transportation, to develop an intelligent transportation solution that would help commuters avoid congestion and enable transportation agencies to better understand, predict and manage traffic flow.
• A GPS tracking device receives signals from the GPS satellites which are then calculated to bring the exact location of the vehicle.
• GPS vehicle tracking systems are increasingly used for monitoring fleets of vehicles such as buses.
• The bigger your city, the more useful a GPS vehicle tracking system is for your public transportation system. A chronic problem with city buses is overlap and bad spacing. GPS is used to stagger buses on a single route while monitoring traffic conditions.
• Public transportation systems are increasingly using GPS to track buses and routes and so this information is passed on to passengers for planning purposes. For instance, the Chicago Transit Authority hosts a website strictly for bus tracking purposes. Passengers may log on to view specific bus routes and stops to see when a bus is expected to arrive. That same information can be viewed via a texting system, or passengers can download an app to their smart phones.
A similar service would also be available in IBM-enabled smart city, Wave City, located on NH2, Ghaziabad, the newest suburb of Delhi. The city has both residential ad commercial projects in Ghaziabad.





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