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Space management in 3 steps

Everybody comes across a situation when you tell yourself that you don’t have enough space. You feel frustrated and agitated. You cannot go and settle in a bigger house at anytime. Instead some small changes might bright big changes in your house. It is a well known that the more organised and clean the place is the better atmosphere you create for yourself and your family.

It is said that an untidy and cluttered house attracts negativity. The most logical solution to avoid this situation is to adopt effective space management techniques. Broadly, this can be done in 3 major steps–

Discard things

You don’t wait for Diwali cleanliness drive to declutter your house; you can do this at an interval of 2 or 3 months.


Many a times, the way things are kept also gives a cluttered look. Proper arrangement of things makes a lot of difference. Furniture, especially, must be rearranged in such a manner that it makes way for you to walk around without any hassles.

Thoughtful purchases

With random purchases you tend to gather a lot of unwanted things in your house. Old things must be discarded first before new things are bought.

With these simple tips you can soon get a feeling of living in a bigger and prettier house.




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