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Technology changing Real Estate

Technology plays an important role in many industries; it is a catalyst for change in all business and industry. In real estate, it’s no exception. Here are 5 ways technology is impacting the real estate sector:

  1. Transparency – With easy data in hand, the greatest impact of technology is the proliferation of the public aggregation of information. Many sites are now curating data, availability, pricing and more for the entire sector.
  2. Speed – With better technology, transactions that used to take months to close are done in one click. Many websites use tools and platforms, which have a huge impact on expediting the deal making process.
  3. Leasing efficiency – Sites are focussed on equipping the sales force with leasing tools. With floor plans, availability and data all organized in a mobile app is a game changer for the sector.
  4. Marketing – With marketing tools online, builders can now market their projects efficiently and effectively. Getting property visibility has never been easier or more cost effective.
  5. Real Time Data – It has never been easier to know pricing and availability in real time. So many sites are providing immediate results on a variety of analysis and data points.

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