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Technology – Changing the way Teachers Teach in India

Implementing technology in education, in India, was largely been limited to a niche segment. But today more and more schools, institutes and colleges are adopting digitization of education. We are one of the fastest growing economies and we have the largest K-12 education system with 260 million enrolments.

With the target of increasing literacy rates among Indians by the government, the scope of E-learning is being closely looked at. Schools are increasingly adopting new technology in their teaching patterns.

Today’s technology has not only mesmerized us, but also opened access to the world and provided a world of resources for teachers and students. Technology has emerged as a key enabler in the education sector. Technology-enabled learning fosters interactivity, and also facilitates access to quality learning. The need of the hour is to give every student fresh and technologically advanced teaching, because skills they need today, to be successful, are dramatically different from what students needed 20 years ago.

  • Today, with the help of technology, combination of teachers, video & interactive lessons, children get a personalised learning platform.
  • In coming times, we will see new innovative tech-powered learning products that will empower and promote better learning experiences.
  • With digital formats one can track a student’s performance, improvement and find out where the student needs help.
  • New technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will play a major role in making learning more of an immersive experience.

Source: Business World

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