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Technology, defining development in India

India’s prowess in IT is now legendary and has driven us to global dominance in off-shoring. But, there is still long way to go. To reach the pinnacle of success by its 100th birthday in 2047, India has to be more productive. The defining element here is TECHNOLOGY and how it affects our day-to-day life, its impact on the economy, and its geopolitical implications.

Technology determines the prosperity and power of countries. With its spread, technology and knowledge (tech-know) are growing rapidly. As it is growing rapidly, tech-know, is also evolving in the same pace. Today’s technology will be obsolete in years to come. Newer and ever evolving technology is a definite success. Here are few things that we should do to reach the pinnacle of success:

  • Indian industries should quickly adopt & adapt to new technologies. Whether in manufacturing or services, companies have to integrate these new technologies into their business to prosper. Technology is re-modelling the architecture of the financial sector, with paperless, presence-less and cashless banking.
  • As new technologies grow, it will create ample employment options, India needs flexible and agile education systems, able to meet new and changing needs with the highest quality of output. Drastic overhaul of the education system is need of the hour.
  • Supportive policies backed by serious R&D, can make India a tech-know hub.

Source: Business World

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