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Technology-Giving Wings to Education

Technology has touched one and all. Technology has impacted each and every sector we know today. A shift from dial-up top broad band to huge computers to small handheld devices, technology is everywhere. As technology grows, by 2020 Cloud-Based Education will rule the sector, with better aggregation of student metrics, more efficient data sharing, and more visual assessment results.

Education sector has also witnessed various technological developments. The technologies of tomorrow are already being tested in select classrooms today, laying the seeds for the future of how students could learn.

Here are few technology trends, which have strong effect on classrooms, in both K-12 and higher education:


The emergence of new technology in the sector has revolutionised the process through which we access and disseminate information. From laptops to online education portals, technology has changed the face of education today. Though traditional way of education cannot be removed, but with inclusion of technology, students get to see and learn so much more. Upcoming technologies will give students an advantage and a learning curve for when they are adults.

Source: EdTech / Teach Thought

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