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The Indian educational landscape is fast-changing with technology

Implementing technology in education, in India, was largely been limited to a niche segment. But today more and more schools, institutes and colleges are adopting digitization of education. Either a prestigious educational institution or well -funded private college or government initiative, the education system is changing for better.

The typical Indian classroom was – a student sitting through hour-long teacher monologues. With the advent of new technologies in India, education has become easier for the student and the educator. Schools in India are now implementing digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of students. This initiative makes the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory.

With new technologies emerging in the sector, students are able to grasp academic concepts better. The use of AI gives them the ability to adopt a personalised approach to learning, which further enhances a student’s learning experience. Digital platforms also offer better insights into the academic progress of a student. With consistent and good quality content anytime, a student’s preparations are never held back at any point in time.

A recent trend is that schools in tier two and tier three cities are increasingly adopting the latest technology in their education system. Popular educational technology vendors such as EduComp, Everonn and Pearson report that more than half of the demand for digital products comes from schools from these cities. Digital texts are more updated than the print versions. With digitized study materials, any revisions that are required can be implemented at little cost, and the revised version downloaded to each reader almost instantaneously.

With the target of increasing literacy rates among Indians by the government, the scope of E-learning is being closely looked at. Schools are increasingly adopting new technology in their teaching patterns.

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