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The Ponty Chadha Foundation organized a health camp @ Hathipur Village on 18th March 2015

It has been a continuous effort of The Ponty Chadha Foundation to work for the welfare of the needy section of the society. Keeping up with this effort, The Ponty Chadha Foundation in collaboration with the Indo German Hospital once again organized a free health camp in the village Hathipur. Held on 18th March 2015, the camp started at 10 am and continued till 1 pm. The camp was held at a primary school in the village.
Here are the highlights of the camp:

  • Out of 400 families, a total of 155 patients attended the camp.
  • There was a lot of space available for patients to sit in the complex, where the seating arrangement was made to separately register and wait for their turn.
  • First the patients were given a token number, then they registered with their name and age in the OPD card, after which they went to the doctors on their turn.
  • After the check up, they collected medicines from another counter.
  • Maximum number of people had come with problems pertaining to joint pain and gastro problems for which they were given medicines and also referred to the hospital where they could further do their check-up.
  • On interaction with some village people who were waiting for check-ups it was found that the females in the village ignore gynaecological problems due to lack of knowledge and lack of understanding and support from families.

A doctor at the camp said, “Our free health camp had benefitted the villagers to a large extent as they got medicines for regular problems for which they were never treated before.”

Set up by Mrs. Jatinder Kaur Chadha, wife of the late Mr. Ponty Chadha, this initiative is part of the efforts to channelize the group’s capabilities towards social welfare and economic development of the related communities. Keeping this tradition alive, free health camps are regularly organized in various villages.



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