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Today’s Mantra of Living: Larger Living Spaces

Realty trends keep changing. To keep in pace with these trends, builders have to keep testing new innovative ways for developing projects. The latest edition of the PropIndex (Jul-Sep 2014) indicated a growing preference for spacious homes by buyers!

Let’s see what benefits a spacious home can give us:

  • Carry out your hobby: In a home with space constraint it is difficult to carry ones hobby. In a larger living space you can dedicate one part of your room or home, where you can pursue your hobbies.
  • Space out your furniture: In a larger living space you can space out your furniture so that it doesn’t block light & ventilation. In a home with small area size you have to compromise on the same.
  • Safe for children: When you own a home with large floor size, you give your child more crawlspace & play space as it is more open and spacious.
  • Party friendly: A home with larger floor area will be spacious. If you have guests coming over for get-togethers and social meetings you can have a large and spacious living room.

Such spacious homes are available at Wave City Center’s Eminence. Eminence offers Ultra Luxury Serviced Residences are available in luxurious sizes of 285.47 sq. m & 395.86 sq. m. Wave City Center is the First Smart Township in Delhi NCR. This project offers residential properties, commercial properties, retail spaces, office spaces, etc. Wave City Center is located in Sector 25A & 32, the heart of Noida.



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