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Top 10 Digital Trends in 2017

Here are top 10 digital trends that we can expect in 2017:

  1. Cloud Computing – Cloud computing has evolved in a great way in 2016. Many industries are slowly understanding and incorporating new technology into their culture and regular operations. This year we can see many such sectors bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change.
  2. User Experience – For any company, a digital transformation sums up to ‘the customer experience’ (including employees). Customers are more cautious than ever; they’ll turn away from brands that don’t align with their values and needs.
  3. Proactive Innovation – This is one of the best ways to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. Innovation must happen rapidly, the faster an organisation can go from idea to implementation the more it can embrace opportunities to transform.
  4. Mobile Technology and Bandwidth Proliferation – Mobile technology and bandwidth proliferation allow businesses to connect with (and retain) top talent anywhere in the world.
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – These technologies were once limited to the gaming realm, but they’re now easier to implement than ever before. The mainstream shift toward AR and VR provides new ways to connect with customers and offer unique, memorable interactions.
  6. Application Program Interfaces (API) – APIs are a secret weapon for embracing true digital transformation. EBay and PayPal are two companies that have relied significantly on these technologies, and it’s enabled them manage an incredibly high volume of transactions.
  7. Data and Analytics – With digital transformation everything can be measured. In the coming year, this will be a cornerstone of how businesses operate. Every important decision can and should be supported by the application of data and analytics.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT) – The IoT offers immeasurable insight into customer’s mind. It’s also changing how daily life operates by helping create more efficient cities and leaner enterprises.
  9. Smart Machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Our relation with technology will continue to evolve. Soon machines will be able to learn and adapt to their environments. AI has long been considered the realm of science fiction, but as technology improves, AI becomes a reality.
  10. Work Together – With a steady rise in the importance of digital transformation happening NOW, and the importance of it happening, not just in the technology of a company, but across the entire organization.

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