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Top 5 Smart Buildings from Around the World

Here are top 5 smart buildings around the world, which are Zero Energy Buildings, buildings that are designed to produce at least as much energy, than they consume.

  1. Glumac in Shanghai, China – A 6000 sq. ft. office space in China looks like just another modern workplace that gets a lot of light. But unlike its neighbours, this office was the first to apply for Living Building Challenge certification in Asia and is considered one of the most sustainable office spaces on the continent.
  2. DPR Construction in San Francisco, CA – DPR Construction’s San Francisco office is the first commercial office in the city to receive NZEB certification. Tricked out with photovoltaics (PV) panels, rooftop solar thermal water heating system, intelligent, electrochromic windows, ultra-energy efficient ceiling fans, and a living horticulture wine bar, it’s hard to pick. The building has the first-ever-deployed LEED dynamic plaque in Northern California.
  3. The Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA – Urban Ecology nonprofit The Bullitt Foundation set out to accelerate the pace of change in the building industry by building the “greenest commercial building in the world.” The Bullitt Center’s features include net zero energy, net zero water, net zero carbon, composting toilets, toxic-free materials, and over 80% daylight using high-performance windows— using only “off-the-shelf products” available to any building project.
  4. NREL’s Research Support Facility in Golden, Colorado – The building has a large thermal labyrinth under the two main office wings that passively redistributes heat from sunny south-facing facades and the building’s data center into other parts of the building, dramatically lowering the cooling load of the data center year-round.
  5. Glumac in Los Angeles, CA – Glumac utilizes a number of innovative green techniques that improve occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption, such as chilled sails and a whole building heat recovery retrofit.

Source – Comfy App

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