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Virtual reality in real estate? It’s a reality now!

Virtual reality is an exciting technology and when it comes to implementing the technology in real estate is even more interesting. Bnei Brak-based Metanoia Interactive is the first, and probably the only Israeli company that brings cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technologies into the real-estate market.
• The technology is helping consumers and corporate clients experience home purchasing and design in new ways, while also helping them save money.
• “For the last two years we have finished developing this tool which allows you to develop your real estate through virtual reality,” Metanoia’s founder and CEO Michael S.
• Reznik said, “For the big real-estate companies this is a great tool also for marketing purposes, and for private consumers this will save valuable hours and cut expenses – replacing the need to travel around the country looking for the right furniture and decor.”
• Metanoia’s technology creates a lifelike 3D simulation of a client’s home or property, and through its VR platform it allows the client to walk around inside it, using VR goggles, so that the viewer does not have to leave the office.
• Inside the VR simulation a client is then able to design and decorate the property choosing tiles, bricks, furniture and more.
• “In the past, if you wanted to pick a tile for your apartment’s floor, you had to go to a store or get the measurements and go back to the property and try it out,” Reznik said. “If you wanted new living room furniture, an interior designer will show you photos, at best superimposed on another photo.
• “Now a client can come to our offices and sit with our interior designer who shows him right there and then all the design options he wants, which floor, which kitchen, what furniture, and the client can test these in real time and see what his place will actually look like.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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