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Virtual Reality is changing the way we see real estate

You are a first time home buyer and you want to see how your home will look like once it’s completed. Now, here is the magic! Virtual reality in real estate is yet to pick pace in India, but slowly it will. Being able to see & experience the space is huge. Even though the first time buyer has be to be talked-through the sales process of home buying, but with virtual reality in hand, a buyer can see it.

It is a futuristic technology, a tool that will help immensely in future. So, if you are sitting in Chandigarh, you can still view your property in Delhi / NCR. VR, a technology that has been associated with gaming & entertainment sector till now, but times are changing and realty sector too will adopt this trend soon.

  • With the help of VR, a buyer can see how his/ her home will look like in future or once completed.
  • VR is a huge leap forward from what buyers currently see on a real estate website.
  • Primarily VR will be used for new constructions.
  • Even though a buyer sees photographs of the property or a video walk through, it just isn’t the same thing as physically moving through the space yourself.

A company that is championing the technology is Matterport. The company makes it easy to capture real-world spaces in 3D, while making them easily portable to virtual reality with an app. They provide a virtual scanning machine that’s reduced the cost of doing this type of three-dimensional construction by ten-fold.

Imagine, if you want to buy a resort in Coorg and you can view the property sitting here in Delhi! Soon, what we have been seeing in movies will become reality in realty. Future is here!

Source: Curbed / Forbes / The Guardian

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