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Want to Give Your loved ones a SAFE Surrounding? Invest in a Smart City

Smart Cities were only science fiction till now, but now intelligent systems are helping to develop a better living environment, monitor energy usage, provide personalized health and human service, ensure full spectrum public safety and security with integrated transport system while conserving and treating water, along with energy conservation. The recent announcement of establishing 100 smart cities would write a new chapter in the urban development in India.

In the current scenario, where couples are usually working, security of their children is a prime concern. Smart Cities provide a solution with Smart Security. Smart security includes urban security components that protect citizens in public places, and infrastructure security components that protect the networks and systems vital for a city’s economy. Some of the features include electricity grids, rail transport, hospital communications and water systems. Other vital safety features are analytics enabled CCTVs and vehicle monitors. With these systems in place, residents need not be worried about the security of their children.

Situated on NH-24 – the newest suburb of Delhi, Wave City is India’s largest IBM enabled Smart City spread across 4500 acres. With a prime location of NH24 and located only 30 minutes away from Delhi, Wave City would be the largest Smart City in the country.

With security of loved ones being a prime concern, IBM enabled Smart City – Wave City would ensure that people can leave for work without worrying about the security of children. Features like the following would ensure that residents don’t worry about their loved ones while at work:

  • The City will have controlled access points.
  • Wide roads with no dead ends and ample police stations within a small serving radius.
  • Building Management System (BMS) that would control the various services within the buildings.
  • A centralized alarm / security mechanism will integrate multiple BMS. A Central Command Center (CCC) for monitoring the entire City’s security.
  • Proper installation of vehicle monitors, CCTVs, panic buttons, etc.
  • CCC would provide updates & alerts to Wave City residents.


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