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Water management for smarter living

In today’s world sustainable, efficient and equitable management of water is necessary. According to a survey, one out of 8 people lack access to safe water supplies in the world today. Moreover, water wastage is also a cause of worry. According to The World Bank “global costs from leaky water pipes totals up to $14 billion annually”. Today smart cities are taking water conservation very seriously. When we talk of smart water management, it points to water and wastewater infrastructure that ensures this resource is managed effectively.

At Wave City, the first smart city in India, located on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi, there is Water Management Systems & Water Leak detection Management system as well, which would be automated and controlled by the Central Command Center (CCC). To curb this problem the Water Leak Detection Management System has been installed at Wave City, where water flow meters and sensors would monitor water leak detection at any point through CCC.

Wave City-water management

With advanced technology, sophisticated sensor networks, smart meters, deep computing and analytics, Wave City is an IBM-enabled smart city which will manage the water resource to the best.

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