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Wave City Center Investor Forum – Second Edition

Wave City Center hosted its 2nd edition of Investment Forum on 29th August 2014. This time around the forum had invited Mr. Roman Bodnarchuk, an expert & a global authority in real estate sales & marketing, as the guest speaker.

He shared insights about real estate investments versus other investments, the growth of the sector in the last 20 years and why this is the right time to invest in real estate. He explained how real estate is the best asset class in India and it has given the maximum returns in past 2 years.

Mr. Roman Bodnarchuk showed to the investors how real estate scored high on the score-card over the other assets & how if they invest in real estate they would be benefitted.

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Speaking of the growth in the real estate sector, Mr. Bodnarchuk explained, why Noida, Delhi NCR is the best place for investment.

  • Noida has emerged as one of the first & the best master planned city with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, surrounded by green belts.
  • Noida is the first 4G City in India.
  • Noida’s GDP is the fastest growing in Delhi NCR.
  • Noida hosts Film City, which is home to leading media houses in India like CNN, CNBC, India TV, Times Now, AAJ TAK and ABP News.

The key take away and the important pointers from Mr. Bodnarchuk were, why this is the right time to invest in real estate. He stated the below mentioned:

  • When the markets plummeted and there was a slowdown in economy & the real estate sector, investors thought it was not the best time to invest. But that is when if they would have invested there would have been better appreciation.
  • Stock market is a very good predictor; usually it can predict the market from 6 months to a year. So when the Indian market hit the growth point, it was an indicator for the investors to invest.
  • Most investors make investment decisions with reference to the earlier year’s returns and Mr. Bodnarchuk’s experience suggested that, if an investor invests like that the opposite happens.
  • With tremendous changes happening around, the Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, going on an international trip, the stock market hitting the highest all over the world, except for Russia, the investors are looking for the best opportunity to invest. When the development of Indian real estate, especially Noida’s market, would be discovered by these investors, that is when billions or potential trillions of dollars would come in.

Mr. Roman Bodnarchuk told the investors how Wave Infratech is set to make their investment double & how Wave City Center is the place to be.

  • World is looking for “Smart City” investment. In India Mr. Modi’s initiative for developing “100 Smart Cities” is commendable. When the promoters, Mr. Chadha & his family had the vision of a “Smart City” 10 years that is when the Wave Group initiated “Wave City Center”.
  • Wave City Center is the 1st Smart City which was planned a decade ago. This is a city where, if you ever lose your child, you press a button, shut the city & find your child, as the security here is the “Smartest” & the “Best”.
  • The 10 years of planning of Wave City Center is incredible. There is no other place in India where there is Walk-to-Work Concept of living. Walk your children to school, walk to entertainment, etc.
  • Wave City Center is here to change the lives of people in India. You do not have to go out anywhere. You don’t have to get into your car, just walk to office.
  • There is nothing like Wave City Center on this planet. You will be safe & secure. You don’t have to worry about your family, spouse, grandchildren, etc.

At Wave City Center “The World is Within”

Mr.  Bodnarchuk stated, at the end of the forum, “If you invest in Wave City Center it will not only change your future but the future of your coming generations, because you will be the founders of a new city.”

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