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Wave Distilleries & Breweries establishes a new brewery at Unnao, U.P.

Wave Group’s division ‘Wave Distilleries & Breweries’, a forerunner in the industry with plants in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are now expanding their business by setting up a state-of-the-art, world-class Greenfield brewery in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. The brewery has been established in association with Mohan Gold Water Breweries Ltd.

The plant at Unnao, spread across 12 acres, will be a brewery unit with global standards using modern ways of brewing beer and equipped with best of machineries. The brewery will brew high quality beer exclusively for Carlsberg.

The brewery at Unnao is the third largest in India with the capacity to brew 0.7 million HLPA (Hectolitre per annum) of beer, 750,000 cases (650 ml) per month and 15,000 bottles per hour through its state-of-the-art, fully automated bottling and canning unit. Modern and automated techniques help in ensuring that the beer is produced under hygienic conditions, free from any external impurities.

The brewery is successfully going to produce Carlsberg lager premium beer under the brand name of Carlsberg ‘Green’ and ‘Elephant’ and position it as premium beer with international look and feel in its packaging & communication to the consumer.

Speaking on the occasion, company’s spokesperson Mr. Rajiv Gupta said, We, at Wave, are glad to set up this unit, which will be an exclusive, 100% beer brewing plant for Carlsberg. The unit is set up as per the strictest global standards. It is one of the most modern beer plants in the country producing fine world class beer. We are committed and with expansion of brewery business we are on an accelerated growth trajectory.”

Wave Brewery has also given India one of its very first breweries at Aligarh with a mammoth capacity of 1 million HLPA (Hectolitre Per Annum). It is a world-class Greenfield Brewery to manufacture international quality beer packaged in bottles and cans.

The distillery & brewery plants are equipped with modern technology and designed to maintain zero effluent discharge. Wave Distilleries & Breweries adopts eco-friendly processes in the plants for which the company has received carbon credits.

Wave Breweries was incorporated as one of the largest breweries in the country. In 2011, the Group set up a world-class Greenfield brewery to manufacture international quality beer packaged in bottles and cans. The Brewery has the capacity to produce 1 million Hecto Litres of beer annually (1 million cases per month). The Group has successfully launched its own brand with an international look and packaging under the brand name Wave Premium Beer, available in 2 distinct flavours. In addition to its own brand, the Group also bottles Kingfisher, one of India’s most sought after brands.



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