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Welcome to the age of education 4.0!

We are now in the era of smartphone classrooms, online exams, robotic house help and workplace companions; what is the common thread running through them all? A rapid advancement in technology, courtesy highly innovative minds; a time in which technology and creativity have become sine qua non in everyday life — Industrial revolution 4.0 or, IR 4.0 has arrived and how.

Creativity is the cornerstone of IR 4.0. It involves utilising the Internet of Things to prepare youngsters for challenges they may encounter at the workplace. Consequently, there arises a need for Education 4.0, one that emphasizes the need to focus on preparing students to take on challenges, head-on.

A disruptive system, Education 4.0 not only focuses on ‘what is taught’ but it also assumes a nuanced approach to ‘the way it is taught’ — it is an education model which is aligned with future trends, in order to develop and enhance individualised education that will eventually go on to define the manner in which youngsters of the future will work and live.

The education of tomorrow, teaching pedagogies and the content of education has to be redesigned. What worked yesterday may be sufficient today, but may be inadequate or irrelevant in the future. A new model will prepare students to visualise all that is required for the future.

Source: The Hindu

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