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What are Assured Lease & Commitment Charges?

Builders do come up with lucrative investment options with schemes like Assured Lease & Commitment Charges. We give you an insight to what these terms mean.

Assured Lease / Rental

Generally assured rental schemes / lease, offers rents in the range of 5%-12% of total investment, to those making almost 90% down payments in their projects. The payments are typically made till the flat is handed over; in some cases it is for 24 months.

Commitment Charges
In general a commitment is a pledge or word of honour by one party to another to operate in a particular way. In real estate business, commitment is a promise by the lender to provide a loan to the borrower by a specific date at a certain rate of interest.

This festive season, Wave City Center offers you both Assured Lease & Commitment Charges. Come and book a commercial space at MetroMart in Wave City Center, Sector32, Noida and avail these exciting offers.

• Get assured lease after possession for 36 months-rental @ 9% per annum of the basic selling price.
• Commitment charges are payable @ 10% per annum till offer of possession.



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