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What makes Noida the 1st City for Smart Living?

In everyday use, Smart City is inclusive of terms such as ‘digital city’ or ‘connected cities’. In addition to five application domains – healthcare, education, inclusion, participative governance and community services, ideally a smart city must have any three of the five requirements related to infrastructure:


Though announcement of 100 smart cities was done recently, Noida is already on its way to become India’s first city for smart living. Noida has achieved 70% of the parameters of a smart city, as per Noida Authority chairman Rama Raman. Developments that make Noida the forerunner are:

  • A citizen’ portal has already been initiated by Noida Authority.
  • Noida is set to become the 1st 4G City in Delhi NCR.
  • Work is in progress on the concept of recycling the garbage of the city.
  • Noida is the only city to lay down sewage and drainage network in its 82 villages.
  • The city has wide roads and new infrastructure developments are in pipeline to make Noida a traffic free city.
  • Cycling to be promoted in all cities of UP starting from Noida.
  • The next important step that Noida Development Authority has taken is to setup CNG plants over the city to reduce pollution.

Noida now houses the First Smart Township of Delhi NCR. Developed by Wave Infratech, Wave City Center is the First Smart Township in Delhi NCR. Wave City Center is first-of-its-kind architectural project that exceeds anything ever witnessed by Delhi NCR. Spread over 152 acre, the project aims to create a unique lifestyle that includes residential and commercial properties along with several recreational facilities and parks.



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