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Why 2BHK Units Are So Popular Among Buyers

Homebuyers across major cities of India would like to invest into a 2BHK unit. Findings of a new survey by show that 2BHK housing units are the most preferred choice for more than 40 per cent of buyers in major metropolitan cities.

Why is that?
The cost analysis: Depending on the location, the developer brand and the amenities provided in a particular project, rates may vary. For instance, a 1BHK unit at a comparatively better locality, from a comparatively popular brand at a project with high-end amenities would cost more than a 2BHK flat at an average locality, from an average developer at a project that offers average facilities.

Future planning: A fast emerging trend is that people living in metropolitans have started taking their home-buying plans quite seriously. Most would prefer to have a roof over their heads before they enter into matrimony. As new additions are made to your family, a 1BHK house may start appearing much smaller than it actually is. It is with this futuristic thinking that, most homebuyer go for a 2BHK.

But, would they not like to have an independent VILLA or a builder floor if it cost them the same amount? Possibly, no. THERE ARE SEVERAL BENEFITS THAT RESIDENTS OF AN APARTMENT PROJECT ENJOY. The burden of leading an urban life is heavy and most of us do not have the time to call the plumber or an electrician every time a tap is leaking or a wire needs repair. We are also more comfortable about the safety of our family members in 24×7 guarded housing apartments.

Source: PropTiger

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