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Why does location matters while buying a house?

When you plan to buy a house, the first thing for you to see is, LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION…

But why does location matter so much? Well, for starters, you cannot move to a place where there is no development or a place which has no basic amenities available nearby.

  • The location dictates the future property value.
  • If you focus on a location near to a school or college, you will hold on to the property for long.
  • We all love to live in a safe neighbourhood. A safe neighbourhood means people will feel free to walk around, be outdoors and interact with their neighbours.
  • A good location will get you access to popular places, shops, and restaurants. The closer to any commercial/leisure hub of a particular town or the best parts of a city, the better the location.
  • The farther you live from the bus, metro or other types of mass transit, the less valuable the home. A good location means excellent access to public transit.

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