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Why Live In A Smart City?

Wave City draws attention to the need of smart cities in today’s lifestyle. Smart cities are evolving as a result of a change in urban lifestyle to contemporary work styles and quick solution for people in their daily lives.

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A smart city is one of the latest buzzwords in an Indian real estate market that is constantly seeking to simplify the lives of the professionals and migrants. It is an interconnected system which uses technology to transform its core areas and optimize the return from largely finite resources. By using resources in a smarter way, it also boosts innovation, a key factor underpinning competitiveness and economic growth.

Implementation of smart technologies offers its inhabitants an:

  • Efficient public transportation system
  • Better civic infrastructureRecycling of sewage water
  • Sensors to monitor water leaks
  • Green spaces
  • Easy accessibility to goods, services and the activities fostering a sense of community

A smart city integrates conditions of its entire critical infrastructure to optimize its resources, plan its preventive maintenance activities and monitor security aspects while maximizing services to its citizens. More and more people are opting for these features as they not only add to the convenience but are also energy efficient.

Indian Scenario:

Indian real estate sector has witnessed backing from the government aiming at developing two “smart” cities embracing modern features in each of the states in the second phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal mission.

The industry has also seen an influx of players venturing to build smart cities. An industry report says that on an average, 30 people move from rural areas to the city every minute. The country is set to build 500 new cities over the next 20 years to house 700 million more city dwellers by 2050 all these indicate that smart cities will certainly grow and will take on a national prominence soon.

Features common to a smart city are:

  • A central command centre to manage the complete city where the traffic signals know when to turn on and off
  • Meters smart enough to reduce your monthly bills
  • Buses send text messages to let the residents know their arrival
  • Panic buttons installed and CCTV surveillance systems throughout the city

Smart city of this cadre will certainly attract, create, enable and retain the citizens’ skills, knowledge and creativity. Witnessing the trend of masses becoming more tech savvy, wanting ease and enjoyment at home, the trend towards smart cities is here to stay as it showcases a smarter way of living a hectic life.

The real estate wing of Wave Group launched a new age smart city- Wave City in 2011 which is designed on the lines of Smart City concept by IBM . Wave City is a 4500-acre self-sufficient city located at NH- 24 in Ghaziabad.


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