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Why does NH24 stands tall among other national highways?

Highways connecting various towns and cities serve a dual purpose. Not only do they provide good connectivity and accessibility, they also serve as nodes which spur development. Typically, the portions of the highways, which abut cities, witness large development activities.

With consistent growth across highways, these locations are likely to give better return on investments than areas like Delhi, which are already fully developed. It is not wrong to call, well connected highways, as the upcoming investment ‘hotspots’. If we compare the current secondary rates in 15-20 km distance from Delhi across 5 National Highways connecting to Delhi (NH1, NH2, NH 8, NH 10, NH 24) as a share of the rates in Delhi Vicinity (near Delhi Border):

WC 19 10 1

It can further be analysed in the graph below, that while the rates across developed and widened highways (like NH8, NH1, NH 10 and NH2) are on an average 40% to the Delhi rates, rates however on the NH24 are just 10% of the Delhi rates, simply because, comparatively the travel time is the highest on this highway as the roads are congested and less developed.

WC 19 10 2

Clearly, for properties on the NH24, there is headroom of additional 30%. Hence, once NH24 is widened it is sure that it will match up the infrastructure standards of the other highways, which will see increase in rates by 3-4 times. NH24 is clearly an “Undiscovered Gold mine” and is the key real estate investment hub:

WC 19 10 3



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