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Why Noida is a better option for investment in commercial properties?

As the investment in commercial properties is speeding up, most of the investors come across an obvious question, “Where to invest: Noida or Gurgaon?” Both the cities have caught the fancy of investors as both the cities are seeing developments at a fast pace.

When you invest in an office space you would want your business to grow manifolds. At the core of every prosperous city lies a prosperous business community. Whenever you decide to invest in a prime office space for self-use, you would be making the best business decision. A commercial office space set in a well connected location would increase your firm’s visibility and reputation.

When you want high returns on your investment & good business growth, the best investment would be “premium commercial spaces”. Prime value of a commercial space rests in its location. Better the location, better the return on investment.

Comparing investments in both the areas, Noida is considered a better option for commercial properties over Gurgaon. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • In terms of location, Noida is more easily accessible from Delhi as compared to Gurgaon. The distance between the capital city and Noida has been reduced to a great extent after the DND Flyover became operational.
  • For infrastructural facilities, Noida authority is already working or is planning a lot of infrastructural developments. Of all the upcoming projects, enhancing metro connectivity is most important. Moreover, there are plans for wide and elevated roads and a number of flyovers for better connectivity and smooth traffic flow. In Gurgaon, there are no such plans, which is a big drawback.
  • Noida is home to a number of MNCs situated at various sectors of the city. There are many more companies that are on their way to make the city as their base. One of the most sought after commercial properties in Noida include the Wave Business Tower 1. Located in the Wave City Center, the project is located near a Metro station, which ensures a great return on investment.
  • Availability of cheap labor force in Noida is also a huge reason for investors to look at commercial properties.

Wave City Center, constructed by the Wave Group is located in Sector 32 Noida, in the heart of the city. The project offers some of the best commercial properties in Noida, namely Wave Business Tower I, MetroMart and High Street Shop Condominiums. Apart from these, the project also has Livork and Ediena, which are residential properties with commercial licenses.




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