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Why should you invest in Real Estate?

Where to invest? Gold, equity & real estate are the choices that a potential investor has. Real estate emerges as the best asset class in past 23 years, as per the CIANS Analytics Study.

Why invest in real estate

Investing in real estate, smartly, can open up opportunities for creating long-term wealth. Looking at the overall returns, as per the study, real estate has outperformed all other asset classes during the 23-year period with an annualised rate of 20 per cent.

Why Real Estate

If we talk about risks & returns in real estate, investment in real estate gives higher than average returns and has moderate risk and higher efficiency ratio.

Why should one invest in Real Estate?

  • It has competitive risk-adjusted returns
  • High tangible asset value
  • Attractive and stable rental income
  • Portfolio diversification
  • It gives you reasonable wealth creation and corpus for retirement or a regular rental income, which is tax efficient and inflation adjusted.



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