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Why We Like Price Hike & You Should Too – Good Time to Invest in Noida as the Prices Set to Rise

Noida is amongst the largest planned industrial township in Asia with the growth bar of Noida is increasing day by day; making it one of the best places in NCR to invest in the real estate industry.

Why Noida?

  • A recent report by Knight Frank India suggest that, amongst all the property markets the appreciation of Noida property is one of the best in the NCR region.
  • While comparing Gurgaon & Noida as an investment option Noida has an edge when it comes to the pricing factor. Property options in Noida range from Rs 3200 – Rs 15000 per sq. ft. with an investor return in the range of 18.6 – 29%.
  • The working class is increasingly seeking out Noida as the best destination for investment as the area gives them a very good return on investment (ROI).
  • Noida has the fastest GDP growth in the National Capital Region.
  • According to the recently approved Master Plan by 2016, the Metro expansion will connect Noida and the International airport/ New Delhi railway station.
  • Major MNCs like Samsung, Adobe, IBM etc have started moving towards Noida, whereas Film City has been home to Noida for the past 2 decades and more.

Why Noida Now?

  • Value of properties in Noida is increasing with each passing day,which offerslucrative investment prospects for investors.
  • Property prices in Noida have shot up and an investment herenow, would benefit in future, as Noida is a ‘value for money’ destination.
  • Buying a home now would benefit you as it would be an asset as well as your home, and would help you save on rent as well as get tax benefits.
  • Improved price is for improved quality for best returns.

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