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You can now get customized laminates in your home

It’s all about customization when it comes to your home décor and so why laminates should be left behind? DIY laminates with life size self-portraits are becoming the order of the day, which comes in anti-bacterial versions as well.
Over the years, the industry has seen improvement in colours and textures and also better finishing and design themes. Once, introduced, these new textures can make your space look different and appealing.
Talking about customization, people these days generally ask for these things:
• Customers want to design their own laminates. With growing creativity and eagerness to do something different, some customers also wanted their life size pictures adorning the walls and cupboards through laminates.
• Other type of laminate in demand is kids’ favourite cartoon character adorning their rooms, cupboards and even washrooms. Theme based laminate range gets introduced for them.
• People are also looking at the hygiene factor as far as laminates are concerned. And, thus, anti-bacterial range of laminates was introduced. These laminates have been introduced keeping in mind that the consumers require a healthy environment to experience a better standard of living.

Source: 99acres



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