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You Ought to Know About: Traffic & Transportation Management

With smart technologies like intelligent traffic management, living in cities will now be easy and convenient. Intelligent traffic management aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.

  • Daily commuting is a task and intelligent transportation technologies address issues related to the same.
  • By monitoring traffic performance and patterns over time, cities can make significant progress in cutting congestion, emissions and noise; determine where to place buses and build mass transit stations to ensure they operate at full capacity; and improve emergency vehicle response times.
  • Cities that invest in smart transport management can help its residents save so much money & time. Congestion is costly on so many fronts. Commuters waste precious time and burn away money in fuel costs, traffic accidents, etc. Intelligent traffic management saves this scenario.
  • Ultimately the aim of this technology is to make a city more livable.

The Intelligent traffic management system in Wave City on NH24 will ensure that you don’t end up losing your precious hours due to traffic congestion. The traffic management system here ensures:

  • Smooth traffic flow which shall ensure less wastage of time, reduced pollution, decreased wear and tear of vehicles.
  • Smart signals based on real time traffic situation.
  • Efficient parking guidance during peak hours.
  • Real time traffic updates to the commuters on traffic jams, road blocks over mobile.
  • All public transportation will be tracked using GPS based systems, which will help routing and selecting optimal routes, provide arrival and departure information.
  • An easy ‘Citizen Portal’ will provide real time traffic information. You will also be able to receive SMS based information on traffic conditions to help you plan your day.
  • Enhance security by tracking all the vehicles entering and leaving the city via GPS tracking.



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