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You Ought to Know About: Water Management System

Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources. Much effort in water resource management is directed at optimizing the use of water and in minimizing the environmental impact of water use on the natural environment.

Wave City, world’s largest IGBC pre-certified platinum rated township is designed to provide more efficient management of the city’s services and resources by the use and modernisation of new information and communication technologies (ICT). Motivated by the simple concept of judiciously utilizing our limited natural resources, Wave City uses smart technologies to improve the daily lives of its residents. Keeping in mind the importance of this resource, Wave City has put Water Management System in place.

You can bid your water woes a farewell at Wave City. The smart water management system will help in the judicious utilization of water. You will get to enjoy:

  • 24×7 water availability
  • Adequate water pressure at all height levels
  • Equitable distribution of water across the city
  • Automatic water leakage detection
  • Smart Metering: 100% metered water supply. So, pay as per use
  • Prevention of meter theft
  • Online water quality checks for levels of dirt particles
  • Inbuilt strainer will help filter dirt particles
  • 24×7 web enabled complaint management system
  • Payment on the go – option for online recharge using mobile app

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