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Your Home Grows with You – Expandable Villas

Some queries pop up in your mind once you buy a home. “Could this wall be extended?” or “Wish I could have an extra room for my paintings” could be some of these questions you may ask yourself. We all want some place in our house that can be used creatively, whether it is for murals, paintings, modern artefact, etc.

An expandable home is home you are looking for. The concept of expandable homes is not new. Earlier smaller homes were built with an idea of expansion. The idea here is “what is that you need in your home now?” Or “what will you need in future?”

  • When you own an expandable home, you can improve or mend or enlarge a room or a portion in your home as per your requirements.
  • When you own such a property you can expand the area in two possible expansions: horizontal or vertical, depending on the basic structure.
  • You can add a room for your child for e.g. study room, a room where you could keep our child’s toys or games, etc.
  • You can plan to expand your home to accommodate your creativity, paintings, artefacts, etc.
  • Some of the expandable homes can be “customised” inside, outside or both.
  • You can create your own expression of magnificence. Simply treat your eyes to an endless view of the artistically laid out landscape.
  • The process of expanding a home would allow you to know what is that you desire in a perfect home.
  • The process also helps you to “pay as you construct” and minimize risks.

Wave City introduces a limited edition of such expandable villas in Ghaziabad, Armonia Villas. Without having to take on the onus of construction, independent living at Wave City allows you to live, create and own your space. As it is simpler to add your personal touches, these villas give you room to accommodate your style. Armonia Villas is located in Sector-5 (Greenwood Enclave), Sector-6 (Palmwood Enclave) & Sector-7 (Rosewood Enclave) in Wave City, the Smart City on NH24, the newest suburb of Delhi NCR.



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