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Your wish to stay in a healthy environment now granted

A clean surrounding will not only give you a healthy lifestyle but also increase your property value. It is not only good infrastructure & connectivity that enhances the property price, but also surrounding environment, quality of air and cleanliness of the streets.

It’s all about the surroundings. Smart City is the talk of the town and Wave Infratech brings the First Smart Township to Delhi NCR, Wave City Center. Wave City Center is located in sector 25A & 32, Noida. Wave City Center is all about good & healthy living.

Wave City Center’s permanent partnership with nature:

Wave City Center’s prime consideration is the well being of our citizens; environment is everything here.

  • One third of Wave City Center will be green, giving the citizens a environment which is clean and healthy.
  • 30% of Wave City Center’s surface will be dedicated to every variation of green. Boulevards, towers, offices and shops will be interwoven with trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers in parks, gardens and open spaces. There will be ample room to breathe and find tranquility.
  • Wave City Center is on course to becoming the newest, greenest, cleanest, most sustainable city on Earth. The construction is in compliance to LEED Gold Certification, the world’s top standard, setting the sustainability bar at a daunting height for aspiring competition.
  • LEED Gold Category involves total commitment to energy-efficient appliances, energy renewability, rainwater harvesting and water recycling.
  • Wave City Center has provision for collection of both waste water and solid waste.
    • The waste water is treated and stored in especially designed units, which is later distributed for adequate purposes within the city.
    • Solid waste, on the other hand, is segregated and then sent for recycling and reuse. The remaining is disposed off in an environment-friendly manner.

When you wish to invest or buy a property, you would want the best, a property that will give you appreciation manifold. You would never prefer a property which raises concerns on his family’s health. At Wave City Center, YOU are the prime consideration. The city gives you a World Within….Safe & Healthy!



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